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About Us

Tiny Tap Gems: We are a small team of game developers from Germany; back in the good old time of the 90s we made some games for Amiga 500 and 1200 (e.g. Slidercrash, Steel Devils and Wheels on Fire).

Because arcade titles stand a chance again we started with a game for the iPhone: Germy World. Our second project was Hover Disc - The Multiplayer Challenge. Then followed Slidercrash. A challenging puzzle game with 60 levels and unlockable music. It's a highly improved remake of our Amiga version - from 1993! Electro Jewels was our fourth release and we think it's pretty cool, too.

Because of the great success of Hover Disc we decided to start working on it's sequel. Hover Disc 2 - The Essential Multiplayer Game is the result of 9 month of hard work. Our musician, Ralph Deckert, has his own website. Listen to his great tracks here.