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Cold Crash

An abandoned ski region in the alps. A girl is the last survivor of a plane crash. The blizzard of the century is incoming.

"Help! Does this thing work at all? Please! Hello! Our plane crashed!"

The blizzard of the century is approaching an abandoned ski region in the alps. Cabins are nailed shut, tourists are fleeing, even the mountain rescue service is backing out.
As a private jet crashes over the ski region, shortly before the blizzard breaks loose, the last surviving girl of the crash has no other choice but to try to make her way down to the valley. At an height of 4000 Meters (2.8 miles) and at a temperature of -20 degrees Celsius (-4 degrees Fahrenheit), she is missing proper clothing and pretty much everything else, like equipment and experience.
The only thing she's got left is an old transmitting device, that allows her to stay in contact with the last remaining mountain rescue expert.


Snow and ice, as far as the eye can reach. Will Anna survive the blizzard? And why did her little private jet crash in the first place?


Talk to Anna! Play as the last remaining mountain rescue expert, who's able to maintain contact to her with an old transmitting device.

Eight different endings

Annas Story may take one of eight different endings. Will you find the best possible outcome?

“Describe the situation. How many persons injured?”

Cold Crash is a game for iPhone and iPad. It's an interactive story about a girl who's the last survivor of a plane crash in the alps. She desparately tries to stay alive, whatever it will take.

You decide how the story ends.

A Blizzard is closing in

Anna may have surviced the plane crash, but her time is running out.

Even if the weather would be nice for this abandoned ski region, Anna's uniform of a lower-rung stewardess wouldn't be appropriate. The blizzard of the century is closing in, even the mountain rescue experts are backing out.

Grown-up dialogue

The last mountain rescue expert is receiving. He tries to find a solution together with Anna.

You will experience Annas story as a dialogue between two persons: A woman and a man, both stressed out, who do many things right but also do some things wrong. You decide!

A grown-up story for grown-up readers.

You decide

Annas story has eight different and possible endings. Can you help her to reach the Happy End?

Cold Crash regularly wants to to decide. Annas story will change, every time you make a decision. Which way are you going to send her? Which dangers are still okay for her? And what are her limits?

Storytelling in real-time

Cold Crash runs in real-time. If time goes by for ten minutes on Annas side, ten minutes will pass by on your side, too. Anna is not going to send you a message every minute, so from time to time, she will not get in contact with you, for minutes or even hours. As if the story would happen just this moment, in real-time, now.

Of course you can stop the real-time mode to read the story in your own tempo, without having to wait for Anna. We recommend the real-time mode for a deeply immersing experience.

Real action, real consequences

Are you going to get that warm winter coat or not? Do you want to take the risk to search the wrecked, burning airplane for goods or not? Which way will you take?

Cold Crash remembers,

  • which items Anna finds during her travel,
  • which decisions she makes and
  • which opportunities she left behind.

Annas story adapts to your decisions.

Easy to use

With so many possible decision-making opportunities you may ask yourself how the story could have ended if you took just another turn - no problem!

In Cold Crash, you can jump backwards in the storyline - anytime! Scroll back and make another decision, for example, to take a risk you didn't want to take before.

More than 200 pages of text

Cold Crashis a game you can play in the meantime, if you decide to play the real-time mode. But if you want to, you can go through the whole game in one session, at a (long) afternoon on your sofa.

Whatever suits you the most, you can jump back to decide otherwise anytime. Try to reach all of the eight possible endings!