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Our new homepage uses WordPress

Our new website is now running WordPress!

Everybody who’s thinking about replacing his Website that runs on a Builder or a pre-built construction kit: Yes, it’s true, it is a lot of work. But it was worth it!

Compared with other web projects, www.tinytapgems.rocks is quite clear.

Advantages of a WordPress-Website compared to a web-based site builder

Web-based site builder have their advantages and they will save you time, this is for sure. And of course: a WordPress-system is a lot of work, especially at the beginning of a web-project and if you have to learn how to use WordPress. But in the end, the advantages of WordPress outweight the rest. WordPress is much more flexible and at long last, it has a bigger functionality that the web-based site builders we did took a look at.

What has a good website to do?

It’s got to

  • attract visitors and give those visitors what they came after (“User needs”)
  • reach the goals of the operator – in a webshop, this would be merely sales. For us, it’s attention: We want to inform as many people as possible about our fantastic apps and games! (“Site Objectives”)
  • be easy to use – time is money, and we don’t want to put all our time into our website, we want to develop exciting games and apps
  • be flexible and offer many functions (that we can use but not must use): If we want to rearrange everything in the future, this has to be possible
  • be good-looking while utilizing state-of-the-art-technology
  • affordable but not cheap.

As we begun with Tiny Tap Gems, a simple web-based builder-site did the job for us. It was enough. Especially for guys like us that didn’t want to put that much work into the website, we wanted to put the work into our apps and games.

But nowadays, WordPress offers so much more. We want to grow. We want to deliver better and more flexible content. We want to connect with people and we want to know which kind of content works and what doesn’t. So we need to use statistics. And that’s the point where many web-based builders have no good offer. At least compared to WordPress.


Of course, a self-hosted site is more work. You have to get in contact with a hosting company, you have to understand how WordPress works, you have to put hours and hours of work into WordPress to make it look like your old site. Nevertheless, the advantages outweigh the work, at least for us:

  • WordPress itself is Open Source and free, a design-package (“Theme”) costs roundabout 60 Euro
  • There are countless themes
  • free statistics
  • no ads for other companies than us – yay!
  • free plugins, and many paid plugins come with the possibility to try them out

Although, WordPress has some disadvantages:

  • Sometimes its very complicated to update a theme or a plugin. But using google, it usually just takes some minutes to get the job done. Additionally, WordPress is incredibly good modularized. If a plugin doesn’t work anymore and the system itself doesn’t respond – just delete the faulty plugin via FTP, this helps in many cases.
  • It will take some time to get familiar with the system and the theme, documentations are often worth less than the paper they are printed on.


If you’re going to do all the work and build a website on your own, you can go all the way and use WordPress. This will offer you the best solution in order to build a serious and credible website which does not look and feel ready-made, often even without programming-knowledge (HTML, CSS or PHP).

Tim Müßle

Journalist, Editor, PR Consultant, Author Freelance Journalist Tim Muessle info@timmuessle.de