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Cold Crash – The FAQ

Cold Crash – The FAQ: Are you stuck? Don’t you remember? Do you want to know how to reach a better end? Read the FAQ – and join in the discussion!

Cold Crash works slightly different than similar text/graphic adventures of this kind. You’re stuck, you can’t go on or you don’t know how to solve a problem? In this overview, in this FAQ, we have put together some of the most frequently asked questions about the game. We’ll show you how Cold Crash works and how you can reach all text passages and all eight ends.

  • Cold Crash uses variables (for professionals: integer and boolean). This means that depending on what you do or leave, or what items you find, the story takes a different turn. This does not only concern objects, but also decisions or events that you experience or pass by. When you “rewind”the story, i. e. scroll up, the current state of the variable is restored. An example: You receive an item, but lose it again. Just scroll back to the moment you had it and continue playing from there.
  • Attention, the variables are also valid for events that Anna observes or passes!
  • There are a total of eight different ends – four of them are called “bad”and four are called “good”. Why is that so? We love games where the player can influence the outcome of the story! Either Anna’s story ends with a happy ending or as a tragedy. Either she survives or she dies. We do not want to give away so much here, but there are two other events that have an impact on the quality of the end. Depending on which objects Anna finds – or overlooks – and into which situations she finds herself, the game evaluates the outcome of the story differently. If Anna survives greater dangers, this automatically means a better end. The same applies to things found and information about the background of the plane crash.

Attention, spoiler!

You're stuck and you can't get anywhere with Cold Crash? Here are some tips for the game. But beware: spoiler alarm! Read on at your own risk!

How do I get warm clothes?

Anna has to change her uniform for warm clothes, otherwise her way ends before the story is told. You will find the woollen clothes at the beginning, in the shed at the burning alpine hut. The building's on fire, so you better hurry. The clothes are in a locker in the crate. To get into the crate, you have to break the door down. Be careful of the backdraft, first break down the window. Remain stubborn, go deeper into the crate, get your clothes out of the locker. As soon as you have the warm clothes, you will end up in the kitchen and the fire will lock you in. Look for a fire blanket, don't sprint without the blanket towards the exit. Only with the blanket can Anna save herself in the middle of the flames to the outside.

Walk towards the meteorological station or hunting lodge?

You have a choice: In the middle of the story you can choose one of two ways. Either you send Anna up to the meteorological station or down the mountain to the hunting lodge. Both ways are equally good or bad for Anna, so if you only pay attention to the chances of success, it doesn't matter how you decide. Just try both ways. Which one did you like better? We would be very happy to hear from you in the comments column!

Attention, mother-of-spoiler!

In the hunting lodge Anna meets the soldier for the first time. He thinks Anna owns something that belongs to him. Whether that's true or not is another story - at least you have to flee from him if Anna is to survive the encounter. Since the soldier is armed, you must give Anna a head start. It's no use if she can escape, but then she's just shot to death on the run. Distract the soldier, keep him busy so that the distance between him and Anna becomes large enough.

Why are there eight different ends?

There are three variables that affect the outcome of history:
  • Anna meets the soldier - or not
  • Anna finds the diamonds - or not
  • Anna survives in the end - or dies.
  • End 1/8 (very good): Anna survives and successfully hides the diamonds from the soldier.
  • End of 2/8 (good): Anna survives the encounter with the soldier, but has not found the diamonds.
  • End of 3/8 (bad): The soldier shoots Anna, but can get a hold on his knife and takes him with her.
  • End of 4/8 (very bad): Anna is dead, and the soldier escapes with the diamonds.
  • End 5/8 (very good): Anna survives with the diamonds. This end is subdivided again - if Anna also overcomes the soldier, she also finds out some background information about the crash.
  • End 6/8 (good): Anna survives, but without diamonds. This end is also divided into two variants, depending on whether Anna meets the soldier or not.
  • End 7/8 (bad): Anna finds the diamonds, but can't save herself.
  • End 8/8 (very bad): Anna dies in the snow without having found the diamonds.

Photo: Evan Qu on Unsplash

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